5 Benefits of SEO for Online Businesses

Digital marketing and SEO have become an important aspect for every online business no matter what sector or industry they are in. Whether your business is selling a product through digital marketing or trying to increase brand awareness digital marketing should be at the forefront of every online business.

Each day billions of searches are made using Google from people researching products, finding the answers to questions, or just general research. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the foundation of all digital marketing and should be used in every online business’s content strategy.

SEO is even more important now than ever in a post-COVID-19 world with more people making purchases online and researching items or reviews before purchasing items. SEO is an important aspect for every online business, in this guide we will identify the importance of having SEO in your digital marketing strategy and why you should start today.

SEO Will Help Consumers Find Your Online Business

With billions of Google searches every day around the world, and thousands of companies using the same or similar keywords to gain new customers and increase brand awareness. A content strategy with SEO as a priority will give your online business more exposure to your consumers or customers, by showing your website and content higher in Google searches.

A concentration on SEO and producing website and blog content with high SEO will help Google’s algorithm show your business higher in search results creating an increase in organic traffic to your website. 75% of people searching in Google never go past the first page to find results.

SEO is an Inexpensive Way of Digital Marketing

During the Covid-19 pandemic SEO and content marketing strategies became more important than ever for online businesses, with the majority of the world in lock-down everyone turned to shopping, researching, or just being online.

During this time many online businesses had marketing budgets cut with advertising and Ad Words and it was a battle for survival, many were helped by already having good SEO established and the inexpensive cost of implementing it into a content strategy meant budgets weren’t being spent and businesses could save money but still get a high ROI.

63% of marketers stated that they believed SEO and content strategies that focus on it would become more important now than ever before. SEO has relatively low costs for implementation but has a high ROI (return on investment) compared to other digital marketing strategies.

It Doesn’t Matter on the Business Size

Adding SEO to your digital marketing within your content strategy can positively affect your online business in a large number of ways, including ROI, new leads, and ultimately new customers. For local or small businesses SEO is crucial. Good SEO can make any business appear higher on a Google search no matter who your competitors are.

With more and more businesses turning to the internet for survival during Covid-19, competition is higher and SEO is more important. During this time the size of a company isn’t as important as it’s online presence. You can have a large company that has hundreds of stores but a terrible online presence. You can also have a very small company without a store but a big online presence. The size of the company doesn’t matter if you have an effective digital marketing strategy.

SEO Will Increase Brand Awareness & New Leads

One of the major benefits of having SEO in your content strategy is an increase in brand awareness. Having good SEO will make your brand or company rank higher in Google, or achieve a featured snippet (listicle articles), or map feature, which will help your customers find you and increase your brand awareness.

A good SEO strategy and it featured as a foundation of your digital marketing strategy will help your online business gain new leads. Among both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) companies, SEO is featured as the main source of leads and a way to attract new customers.

Statistics state that 14.6% of the closing rate is achieved via good SEO practices. 90% of customers now search online for reviews, or recommendations, other options, or compare companies selling similar products, before they purchase an item or use a service. Good SEO and content marketing on a website or items such as videos and high-quality images help to influence a customer’s opinion.

SEO is the foundation of digital marketing and should be included in every online business content marketing strategy. SEO helps increase brand awareness, high-quality traffic to your website, free traffic to your site, create new leads, trust in the business, and has a high return on investment for every online business.


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