Improve Your Digital Strategy With These Influencer Marketing Tips

Influencer marketing has taken off in the last five years with companies such as Gym Shark, Tourism Boards, Hotels, and many other billion-dollar businesses using influencer marketing as a big aspect of their digital marketing strategy. So why should your business use influencer marketing in your digital strategy?

According to Neilsen’s Consumer Trust Index, 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over any other form of digital marketing. Forbes also reported in August 2020 that influencer marketing is on track to be a $15 billion market by 2022, they also reported that content from influencer marketing delivers 11x better than other digital marketing. Adding influencer marketing to your digital strategy has been proven to increase ROI and ROAS. 

People Trust Friends’ Recommendations 

Whether your business is selling a holiday, business, course, product, or anything in-between influencer marketing is a trustworthy area of digital marketing. According to recent statistics, there are over 100 million influencers online, varying from a large following of millions to smaller followings of 10k or 5k, one thing they all have in common is a fan base or follower base. Viewers follow along with influencers’ lives and build up a trusting relationship with them, so when they recommend a product to their audience, it’s similar to a friend’s recommendation, people trust influencers’ opinions, and lead to a high ROI.

Influencer Marketing is a Digital Strategy Investment

Adding influencer marketing to your digital strategy is a long term investment, with the ability to adapt and build long term relationships with influencers who will then adapt with you and in-turn create trust with your consumers. Investment in up and coming influencers allows brands to develop with the influencer, to ensure their products aline perfecting with the brand’s target audience, and as the influencer reaches new audiences the brand will grow along with them. 

An Influencer is a Social Media Expert

Influencers are the experts of social media channels, they make their living from posting online and using new and existing forms of social media to adapt to new trends. Instagram is undoubtedly the king of influencer marketing but new channels such as TikTok have taken off over the past year, with many influencers setting up channels and their following moving or following them on a different channel. 

By using influencer marketing in your digital marketing strategy you can plug into this expertise and use influencers to gain a larger following on your brand’s site and social media channels, increasing your brand’s engagement in addition to sales and revenue. Now, what business wouldn’t want that?

Content is King & Video is the Queen

Video now makes up 80% of all consumer traffic on the internet, through YouTube, Facebook Live, IGTV, and TikTok. Influencers help to drive brand awareness, interact directly with customers, and can adapt to new situations. Influencers are adaptable to new concepts and can change things instantly. Instagram or Facebook live is a great way for influencers to interact with their audiences with the ability to ask questions live and see genuine answers. 

Let’s say for example your brand created a video advertisement about traveling internationally which went live during COVID-19. Video advertisements take time and resources to create and often aren’t published until months after the filming. During these months things could change or a pandemic could take over the world, and no one is allowed to travel internationally, your resources, time, and money on that advertisement would be wasted. 

Influencers can Lead to More Sales Than Advertisements

Around 30% of internet users are using some kind of ad blocker on their web browser and apps. A survey by GlobalWebIndex also revealed that 47% of consumers use ad blockers because they consider ads annoying and not consumer-focused. By adding influencer marketing to your digital strategy you are creating ads in a different way.

Many influencers use creative ways of adding ads to their social media channels, using different forms of videos, product reviews, images, money off codes, and recommendations. Consumers trust influencers’ authenticity, with trust and high regard for their opinions more than just seeing a generic ad. Influencers recognize and know how to interact with their followers in a tone and format they understand. 

Brands can Create Partnerships with Influencers 

Let’s say you have a swimsuit brand and you are looking to attract new sales and increase your brand awareness within your target audience of females between 20 and 35 years old. Creating a brand partnership with an influencer who’s following is the same as your target market. They work with your brand to create a swimsuit line with their name on it, they design it and you sell it through your brand.

The influencer will promote and have pride in their swimsuit collection, their following will purchase the swimsuits from your website and your name will be associated with that influencer. Their following will gain trust in your brand, visit your website and purchase other items from your brand in the future. No matter what your brand or company influencer marketing can help vamp up your digital strategy in a marketing sector that is rapidly growing and set to be the most trustworthy source of digital marketing in the next several years.

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