Digital Services

The digital umbrella can be overwhelming. There are so many potential routes to pursue it can be hard to identify when and how to begin. This world moves so rapidly, digital strategies can become obsolete in a matter of days – and sometimes even hours. That’s why we’re here to help. At Ella, we can build out a full digital marketing strategy to help your company best allocate its resources through actionable insights and powerful storytelling.

Web Optimization

Search engines are the most reliable engines of all. They are in constant use and helping millions get to where they need to be. Some use this engine to look for new products, research a new idea or look for a new experience. Whatever it may be it is important to understand the vehicle that is making all of this possible.

Digital Development

Think about your website as the face of your business. This is the first glimpse a potential customer has of your brand. With that it mind it is assumed that you would want your website to embody all the elements you would like to showcase – while still cohesive with your additional digital platforms.

UX & Design

There are few things more satisfying than a digestible yet well illustrated path of action. We churn our comprehensive understanding of users into a simple intuitive experience. It is important to lead your audience through a journey they can connect with. Today consumers have high expectations.

Media Planning & Buying

Do you know the best way to spend your media budget? Or even what your spend should be? There are endless variables in media planning—the best combinations will achieve your objectives without unnecessary spending.

Digital Transformation

Do you have a successful business that is a little set in its ways? Are you looking to reach a completely new audience in a what appears to be an overwhelming world? At Ella we find joy in pulling all the information from a non digital business and converting it into a place where it can be seen on a global scale. Let us do the heavy lifting while you continue to grow and sell the way you want.

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