Digital Development

Website Development

Think about your website as the face of your business. This is the first glimpse a potential customer has of your brand. With that it mind it is assumed that you would want your website to embody all the elements you would like to showcase – while still cohesive with your additional digital platforms. 

Here at Ella we begin with a deep dive of understanding of your brand, researching your customers, and determining your business objectives. This method enables us to precisely unpack the correct scope and continue to be adaptable when new requirements come to light.

When creating a website it is important to have one goal in mind: connect with your consumer. This is done by having a site that is well designed, user-friendly, and can drive performance with a call to action. Responsiveness is key, ensure your site is fast to load and follows a strong UX design. Consider cyber security, accessibility standards, and how it pairs with your SEO strategy. All of these elements may seem overwhelming but with custom web development our Ella team can ensure your businesses web presence is optimized and built to stand out. 

In today’s digital climate custom web development is pivotal to the success of a business. An optimally design website is crucial to retaining customers, building trust and converting browsers to customers. The finished product is a well organized, secure, and SEO-rich custom website that is tailored to the needs of your customers and built to last for years to come.

App Development

We create applications that function for both Android and iOS to offer a new opportunity to engage with new audiences . Having a digital presence is step one, but how do you continue to stay ahead of the curve? Our advice, build a place for your prospects to land and engage – a custom application. Allow them to explore and interact with ease on one simplistic app made for you, built by us. We offer competitive rates to building out the perfect application that will simplify your needs  – all amalgamated in safe one place. 

The mobile user base is on the rise,  and it is important to capitalize on the most dominant  device that provokes connection. Enable your community to access the right channels that allow your business to flourish. Let our development team create the perfect mobile application for your business. We like staying in the know about new digital trends, this depth advancement knowledge allows us to guarantee a seamless integration as well as smooth transition. 

Let us assess your product or service, map out the design and monetization strategy, then develop the product. From here we run multiple tests to ensure the application is above and beyond  what you envisioned. Lastly, bring it to market and generate revenues across multiple streams. Let our team of experts guide you on the path to success.

Digital Transformation

Do you have a successful business that is a little set in its ways? Are you looking to reach a completely new audience in a what appears to be an overwhelming world? At Ella we find joy in pulling all the information from a non digital business and converting it into a place where it can be seen on a global scale. Let us do the heavy lifting while you continue to grow and sell the way you want. 

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