Digital Services

Digital Strategy

When we build out a cohesive plan from start to finish, it allows us to plan a trajectory of business goals that align with our marketing goals. First we begin with an assessment of your goals and plot out the most efficient way to achieve them. We then analyze the market and business landscape to determine a deep understanding of your customers and competitors. 

All of this information in squeezed into our Ella funnel and we churn out an execution plan. Here you will find a breakdown of recommendations, channels, platforms, activities and project options. These elements are made malleable to ensure they suit your budget and timelines. We can help with any scale of strategy – we are willing to work with companies big and small to get you where you need to be.

Content Marketing

Say cheese! Let us take a big picture snapshot of your business to see where we make the largest impact. We create custom content that will resonate with your network. The content can be anything from: graphic design, copywriting, video animation and more. In today’s day in age we are saturated with so much content, how do you set yourself apart? Today’s audience is desperate for entertainment – meaningful, educational, and inspiring. 

Let us dig deep with competitive research to assess what points will be instrumental to the success of your content strategy. Our findings will provide a clear path of topic framework and direction, while keeping a direct and fluid message. From here we begin telling a story and converting it into a digestible digital format that will evoke emotion and provoke action. 

Value driven content will encourage consumers to respond and help build brand loyalty as they form a personal connection. Once the content is up and running we track the results to see what is working and what is not. The content execution is paired with ongoing monitoring to ensure every target is being hit with accuracy.

Brand Creation & Marketing

Let’s start from the beginning. Do you have an amazing idea or product you want to bring to market but are unsure of how to begin? At The Ella Agency we ideate from the core of your business and translate it into consumer speak. We begin with research to kick off what in the simplest form, will sell. Once a strategy is outlined we are able to parlay this into a brand direction with direct messages that consumers can buy into. 

We have the ability to help you all the way to market, or just a few helpful milestones along the way – entirely up to you. Let us guide you through our process to create your brand along with your communication and marketing  strategy. Position your company to be a leader in the industry with a strong impact on the right audience. Don’t deny the importance of building a strong foundation from the start, and don’t be afraid to ask for a little help.

Video/Content Production

Let’s tell a story together. The process of transforming your brand messaging into a narrative can be a bit tricky. However with a little help, the facts and goals of your business can be eloquently translated into a series of creative assets that can be used for key marketing campaigns. Our production team can churn all key elements into a succinct creative concept that will be brought to life through film or photography. Let us guide you every step of the way. 

It is our job to ensure the concept will be executed and delivered with the right aesthetic, tone, and feel.  While keeping in mind that each component will also align with all relating marketing materials. The result will be a full package of top quality creative assets that adequately relay your message in an innovative format. Start the conversation so we can help you tell your story.

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