Web Optimization


Search engines are the most reliable engines of all. They are in constant use and helping millions get to where they need to be. Some use this engine to look for new products, research a new idea or look for a new experience. Whatever it may be it is important to understand the vehicle that is making all of this possible. 

Search engine optimization gives your company the ability to be seen. Search engines, i.e Google or Yahoo use a set of guidelines to determine which sites will rank higher on when a search is made. These guidelines can seem restricting if you are unfamiliar with how they are structured. On the other hand by understanding how to follow these directions this leads to opportunity – to optimize content and lead your audience directly to your site. 

Search engine optimization services pair well with paid search services. Paid searches involve keyword research to provide insights on what your target audience is looking for, and helps our Ella staff create ample technical optimization of your website. 

To kick things off we offer SEO audits for existing sites, this simply means we show you where your site ranks on the search engine. We can also create a brand new site that follows the best practices for both the guidelines of SEO and relevant content.

Paid Search

How can you grasp attention online? Paid search is one of the most effective ways to execute a conversion focused strategy. By assessing the needs of your brand we can build a dynamic rollout for your paid search strategy. This allows us to ensure your business will reach the correct audience and convert them into customers.

Paid search allows us to pull distinctive data that gives insights of where the customer is in their journey. When users are searching for specific keywords they are likely ready to purchase or make a decision. These tell tale signs allow us to make the most of our paid search initiatives. 

By executing strong paid search campaign your business will be ranked higher on the  Search Engine Results Pages and provide the opportunity gain new business. This means more interest, more leads and a higher conversion rate. This is proven to be the most cost efficient path to gain qualified leads. Thankfully we have partnerships with various platforms to have access to the latest insights and new opportunities. As these providers tend to often shift their optimization, we stay in the know with these adjustments to ensure we are ahead of the curve.

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