Target New Customers Fast With These Marketing Strategy Tips

The online business world is a competitive one, with lots of competition and businesses competing for the same customers. But that doesn’t have to be the case, your digital marketing plan is your lifeline filled with opportunities. With that being said, there are ample opportunities for growth and gaining new customers online.

Your business might have a steady stream of customers or it might be struggling to find customers. Either way, you should read this article and add these six tips to your digital marketing plan to gain new customers fast or add assurance that customers will always be there. There are numerous things you can add to your marketing strategy to gain new customers quickly and easily.

Utilize Google My Business

Today we have more power in the palm of our hands with our smartphones than ever before. In previous times, we might have looked up a business or service using a phonebook, but those days are long gone.

That’s where Google My Business comes into play. This is a sort of online directory with business profiles online, which can be found inside Google. When you search in Google for a business or service in a specific area, a map will appear with a list of businesses and links to their websites.

Google My Business contains:

  • Contact Information
  • Operating Hours
  • Images
  • Google Post Reviews

This should be added to your online marketing plan, as it is a vital addition to your search ranking and will help increase the traffic to your website.

Use Online Reviews

People tend to turn to family and friends for recommendations for products or services. That’s because they trust their opinion and like to read reviews before they purchase a product or commit to a service. Businesses can tap into this by asking existing customers or past customers for feedback from their products, services, and experiences.

Two-thirds of customers are willing to provide feedback about their experience if they are given something in return. These things could be giving free samples, offering coupons, free shipping, gift card giveaways, or a points system.

The average purchaser reads 10 reviews before they feel like they trust the business. By providing reviews and publishing them online or on your website, customers will build relationships with your company and will be more likely to use your services or make a purchase.

Be Flexible & Embrace Adaptability

Some of the best things you can add to your marketing strategy are flexibility and adaptability. The digital world is ever-changing and your online marketing strategy needs to be aware of this. The ability to be flexible and change is not new to companies. Once businesses only existed as retail stores, now they have moved online. And businesses that get left behind don’t always survive.

You might be thinking well this doesn’t apply to me, but the ability to be flexible will be ingrained into your marketing strategy. Your strategy needs to be flexible and willing to change to suit your target audience, through A/B testing, social media, new enhancements, and anything that gets thrown your way.

Humanize Your Business

People like to deal with people. Humanizing your brand will give customers trust in your company. Anything from the video content, images, webinars, or social media will let people know the faces behind the company.

This will in turn allow your customers to feel a sense of warmth, genuineness, and grace when they think of your company. Personal interactions go a long way in gaining trust and leads of potential customers.

Create a Membership Site or Sell a Course Online

Membership sites or online courses are a way to sell products or goods to customers. A great way to gain a following and sell products is by creating a monthly membership model and adding it to your digital marketing plan.

You could offer certain content each month, or have all-access passes, or access to an online community. Giving customers fresh up to date content regularly.

Create an Online Challenge or Live Chats

A great way to gain new customers quickly is to add an online challenge to your digital marketing plan.

An online challenge could be a three or five-day challenge, which includes a series of live videos once each day. Or a weekly live chat, where people can interact with your business and as questions. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

This way you can humanize your brand and interact with customers to create relationships. A daily challenge could include daily tasks or a challenge.

Whatever business you may have there is a tip on this list that will help you gain more customers. Each business and industry is different and filled with potential customers searching for your business, the trick is to be where your customers are searching.


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